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The only quarry of this unique material is located in the municipality of Villa Collemandina, a characteristic village of Garfagnana area, in the province of Lucca, located in the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines National Park.

This village, surrounded by green meadows, stands at the base of a rocky layer, geologically developed in the Jurassic era, made up of limestone sedimentary layers, abundant in Ammonites, which over time have given the stone the ruby color, typical of RED COLLEMAND marble.

Since ancient times, the inhabitants of this area extracted the stone from small quarries to build their dwellings, creating those picturesque walls of red marble stones and slightly streaked green stones that makes the village’s appearance one of a kind.

Nowadays, the extraction of this marble, used mainly for flooring, walling and interior decoration, continues in a quarry located next to the village, in Sassorosso area, on the northwest side of the mountain.

At the top of a rocky cone, it is still possible to visit the old quarry, now in disuse, where the thousand shades typical of Red Collemandina are visible in the cut stone.

Our quarry, known as Tre Valli, is just a few kilometers from the Apuan Alps, the heart of the Italian marble mining industry, which provides some of the most prestigious and sought-after marble in the world.